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Help open our LGBTQ+ Community Center just by using social media

Have you heard the news? We here at Queer in Canton are working to open an LGBTQ+ Community Center in Downtown Canton to increase access to resources, host community events, and advocate for a more equal Canton. You can learn more at our website

To achieve this ambitious goal, we are going to have to raise $20,000. Did your eyes roll back in your head when you saw that number? Yeah, that happened to us too. But we did the math -- and in order to open a location in Downtown Canton, provide resources, and other free services -- that's how much we need.

We know it won't be easy, but we're up to the challenge. And we hope you are too. Because we need your help to build a more equal Canton. If you can spare some change to our cause, we would greatly appreciate it. You can contribute here:!

However, we totally understand if you can't afford to personally donate. That's actually why we're here! A lot of people are asking how they can help. And, honestly, we hate to say it but the best way you can help is by helping us raise money. Here are a few ways to get your social media followers to help us open an LGBTQ+ Community Center in Canton:

1. Host a Facebook Fundraiser

One of the easiest ways to get your followers engaged to help is by hosting a Facebook Fundraiser! Everything you need is on Facebook, which makes it super easy and convenient. Choose to Fundraise for a business, choose Queer in Canton, set your goal, and make a post letting your followers know! The money will go into your bank account and then you can donate it to us! Below is a header image you can use for your FB Fundraiser too.

2. Social Story Bingo

A fun way you can ask your followers to get involved in the effort to open an LGBTQ+ Community Center in Canton is with social story bingo! This is typically done on Instagram, but you could easily do it on Facebook or Twitter as well. All you need to do is download the graphic below and post it on your story with a call to action for your followers to pick an amount they want to donate. Once someone claims an amount, you then put their handle on the corresponding amount in the graphic and post it on your story again to give them recognition for their help! Basically, you just do this until the board is full.

3. Social Challenge

This option is not for the faint of heart... depending on what the challenge is, of course. Anyways, a popular way people raise money for causes near and dear to their hearts is by offering to do a challenge if people donate. You can either set a challenge for yourself based on each donation made. See an example here from one of our awesome supporters, Kandice:

Another option is to set a challenge for yourself if donors help you reach a personal goal. For example, you could say, 'if my followers help me raise $100, then I will dump an ice bucket on my head' or 'dye my hair a funky color.' This is a fun way to get your followers involved and have fun while supporting an awesome cause!

4. Sell crafts

Do you have a talent or niche hobby? If you answered yes, that's a super great way to contribute to our campaign. Lots of people on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will sell their beautiful creations and give a portion of the profits to a cause of their choice. Some people sell homemade earrings, cross-stitches, custom patches, or paintings. But the world is really your oyster with this one! Simply post a picture of what you're selling on social media, list the price, and explain where the proceeds are going!

Whether it's a Facebook Fundraiser, Social Story Bingo, a Social Challenge, or Selling Crafts, we deeply appreciate your help. We can't open an LGBTQ+ Community Center without help from people like you. Tag us in any posts you make to help so we can repost y'all! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @QueerInCanton.

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