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Our Vision 

Open an LGBTQ+ Community Center in Downtown Canton to increase access to resources, host community events, and advocate for a more equal Canton.

Safe Space

We will provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ Community to hang out. Meet up with a friend in a safe and affirming space. 

Support Groups

We will host various different support groups for various communities such as QTPOC, Bi+, Trans+, Queer Women, Asexual. The groups will be led by members of the communities. 

Local Advocacy

We will advocate for a more equitable Canton through policy change and community projects. Examples of local campaigns: ban conversion therapy and ban public accommodations discrimination. 

Community Events

We will plan and host events to bring LGBTQ+ folks across Stark County together such as closet swaps, movie nights, game nights, drag shows, etc. 

Name + Gender Changes

We will have trained volunteers help you through the process to change your name and gender on legal documents such as driver's licenses and passports. 

Resource Distribution

We will hand out free safer sex kits (condoms, dental dams, lube, etc), free safer injection kits (needles, syringes, alcohol wipes, sharps containers, etc), and information about local and national resources. 

What We Need

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We did some math -- and in order to open a location in Downtown Canton, provide resources, and other services  -- we will need $20,000 to start. 

What You Can Do


Your organization or business can donate to become a sponsor of Queer in Canton. 

Want to become a sponsor? 

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Meet the Team


Curstynn Marks



Bachelors in Economics - Emory University  '22

Abby Henry



Bachelors in Sociology - American University '20 

Our Future

Here are our goals for the future. Once we accomplish our beginning goals, we will work to make these services available as soon as possible. 

Free HIV/STD Clinic

We will partner with local organizations to bring a free HIV/STD testing clinic to our center. 

Free Legal Clinic

We will partner with local organizations to bring a free legal pop-up clinic to advise folks on matters of LGBTQ+ rights. 

Queer Housing Assistance

We will help folks find LGBTQ+ affirming and safe housing by facilitating interviews with roommates and landlords. 

Competency + Sensitivity Training

We will provide LGBTQ+ competency and sensitivity training to local businesses, organizations, groups, or anyone who requests it. 

Financial Assistance

We will organize a fund to provide financial assistance for legal fees, hormone therapy, doctor visits, and more. 

Non-Profit Coffee Shop

Our biggest long-term goal is to open a queer coffee shop that can provide jobs to LGBTQ+ community members and provide a place for folks to safely connect. This will also provide a stream of income to fund our services. 

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