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Get Involved

Get involved in the work we are doing at Queer in Canton -- we have options from volunteering to recommending resources! 


We are looking for queer folks to volunteer to write articles and blog posts, research resources in the area, interview community members, film and edit videos, record and edit podcasts, or any other awesome content projects you want to lead! 

Queer Entertainers & Artists

Submit yourself or any queer artists and entertainers you know to our public database to help queer performers get work and to help businesses support queer art. But please don't submit someone without their explicit consent as this will be publicized. 

Recommend Resources

We are looking for submissions of resources in the NE Ohio area of anything from LGBTQ+ affirming doctors to your favorite gay bar. 

History Project

we are working on collecting submissions of oral or written history. Your submission may be used for a public record, podcast, and other projects if you consent. Feel free to submit voice recordings, photos of historical landmarks or moments, archival records, etc. 

College Testimonials

Submit a review of your current or previous college. Anyone is welcome to submit a review whether you identify with the LGBTQ+ Community or not OR whether you are a student, alumni, faculty, or staff member. 

Hang Out

Join us at an upcoming event! 

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